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186                          LETTERS   FROM   THE

to liberty and joy at least sixteen thousand men,
who, upon an average, must have a hundred thou-
sand persons benefited and rejoiced by their

Madame Cacciapore may, indeed, as well re-
main where she is, instead of returning to Rome,
for by this time Bonaparte is Dictator there. I
think it would have answered political purposes
better if he had pursued the Germans through the
Tyrol, and not given them time to rally; but
probably his journey to Rome originated in vanity,
and his agreement with Spain to add to the power
of Parma, Tuscany and Naples, at the expense of
the Pope; otherwise, except plunder, what in-
fluence can the fate of poor Rome have upon the
conditions of the peace ?

I have a note from Madame d'Angevillers.
She lives at Versailles in complete retirement.
Her husband is at some Court in Germany.

February igth, 1797.

I have just been sitting with Mesdames de
Beauveau and de Poix. The latter is nearly as I
left her—the former older in her looks, politiquant